24 November 2016

A Year of Days

We are approaching one year back in the States.  Hard to believe in many ways and it seems like a lifetime ago we were at home in Hasselt.

Here are just a few photos of some of the special days we've had since our return.

We were hardly moved in when it was my birthday - complete with a Traina's cake.  
Happy birthday, me!

Our first of many cozy fires

One of many evenings gathered 'round the fire pit

Christmas 2015

Easter egg dying tradition :)

Overnight guests :)

New baby!

Ansel :)

Happy birthday, Ross!

A new dog!

Eames :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy birthday, Jim!

Fig pickin' :)

One of many beautiful days enjoying the pool

including Eames

Winslow - not so much.

Happy birthday, Frazier!

Norma Grace, Josh, Ross, Jim, Tommy, Andrew, Travis
Frazier, Randi, Ansel, me, Mae Mae, Pop, Melody, Jane, Mary Reid, Lauren

Family get-together and photo shoot

4th of July picnic

Sno cones :)

Happy birthday, Josh!


Afternoon tea

Happy birthday, Randi!

Muscadine pickin' :)

Happy birthday, Norma Grace!

Launch day!

Happy Halloween!

And here we are . . . one year later.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Be grateful :)

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